Procurativa Communarts

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PROCURATIVA COMMUNARTS– is a human-generated motor to rework the society and the malleable world, solve problems, make ideas happens and change status quos. We are the people hunter-gatherers connecting the things that haven’t been connected discovering new ways we didn’t know that are applicable in sectors of entrepreneurship star up, poverty reduction, tourism, education, human rights, content and creative industry and social media. We need people who wants to discover more and do something. Therefore we need one another as we believe things can be better, so there is work to do. The world is not yet done.

Creativity-OrganiSZation- Manufacture-Media-United ARTiSt

PROCURATIVA COMMUNARTSworks to assist people, private, public sectors and society to find a new tools across business, manufacture, commerce, art, design, education, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, anthropology… These aspects can help to unlock the human capacity and make conditions for human resources to flourish. Weather student, accountant, manager or artist they all have creative features and everybody have them differently.  We serve our stakeholders with a pool of resources and empower them to get into original concepts that are applicable and meet its purpose. As a return, we have stronger, richer, deeper impact on their lives that sustain all invested efforts, time and money.

Our resources are wealth of people in 30 communities with over 15 institutions, organizations, agencies, non-profit organisations and education institutions. We have designed and maintaining a network of institutions and partners between public, private and organisational sectors on European (the Check Rep., Italy, France, UK, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands), Balkans (Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, , Kosovo, Albania) and national levels. Resources include internationally accredited education and training partner (IT Academy-Cambridge), University of Sarajevo – School of economic, Institute for music, multimedia and theatre and Academy of performing and Visual Arts.



twitter: @corlija


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